April events

No freebie class on Saturday, 4/19. We will be running another session of Heidi Kummli’s incredibly popular mosaic pendant class, and the tables will be preempted. Please join us any other Saturday for basic wrapped loop and crimping technique!
We will be closed on Easter Sunday, 4/20.  
Nomad Bead Merchants will be at the Rocky Mountain Bead Society Bead Bazaar on April 26th and 27th! This is a first for us and should be lots of fun. Since we’ll be staffing two locations that weekend, no Sunday class!
The Sunday class schedule has been updated! Two sessions of Heidi’s mosaic pendant class (one already full) and more.

February and March events

Well, we’re back from Tucson, and it’s been a whirling madhouse from the day we returned. Many new events going on:

Trunk show! Voices of the Stones is here 2/22 – 2/25, Saturday through Tuesday! If you haven’t made it in for a Voices trunk show yet, you definitely should. Carole and Mary are experienced bead merchants and will be bringing us their wonderful stuff for the weekend. We’ll have two huge tables stuffed with strands to choose from. They carry a huge assortment of beads and pendants including glass, stone and pearls; prices are roughly 30% off retail.

Special class! Monday, 2/24, 6:30-8:30 p.m., $20: Energy Anatomy and the Crystal Library, a Journey Through the Chakras with Carole White. When you complete this class you should be able to interpret the general meaning of stones without a reference book. You will learn applications to use different shapes of stones, and ways to use stones in your jewelry to maximize their metaphysical potential. Experiential exercises will help you fix the information in your mind. Subjects covered will include clearing, programming, working with angels and anchoring a light temple for continual spiritual growth.

We’re really excited about this! Carole has been working with stones for many years and has a gift for understanding their application. We’ll have the store open until 9:00 or 9:30 for shopping that evening. Please give us a call at 303-786-9746 if you’re interested in signing up.

New classes up on the Sunday Class Schedule page. We have stuff scheduled all the way out through the end of March, and activity has already been intense on some of these sessions. Check it out and give us a call if you’re interested.

New stock. Oh, boy, have we got new stock.

Tucson matte beryl

Matte-finish beryl pebbles!

Tucson metallic druzy

Fancy-finish druzy pendants and beads!

Tucson matte rounds

Gemstone rounds in matte finishes!

Plus so much more…pearls, gemstones, glass, crystal, we brought back so much stuff we’ve barely gotten most of it cataloged. Much of the new stock is on the front table right by the door; please stop by and take a look.

Tucson or Bust, pt2

Getting info out of Catherine and Jake has been a challenge. They’re just too busy shopping. Cath has been persuaded to send along at least a few pictures, at least.

Moonstone lepidolite

Moonstone and lepidolite – these are purchased and already in hand. Finally!

Tucson chrysoprase

Chrysoprase! We’re not sure about these yet; they’d run around $45 in the shop. Any thoughts? It’s lovely material.

That’s it for images from Cath in the last day, but she reports that Team Nomad has acquired:

  • Jade and lapis focals
  • Ocean jasper
  • Blue lace agate
  • Jade, moonstone, and lapis in 8mm
  • Garnet 6mm and 8mm

More updates as they come. It’s killing me not to be there!

Tucson or Bust, pt1

So here we are, your loyal Nomad Bead Merchants staff:

Nomad winter

And Team Nomad is here:

Nomad Tucson

Sorry about the gorgeous photo of a golf cart, but it’s what I have to work with. Look at that sky!

Yes! The road crew has arrived in Tucson and they are already shopping like madmen! Unfortunately I’ve had trouble getting any details from Catherine as she is too busy assessing what’s available and cutting deals on new stock. Early reports: Matte-finish semi-precious stones in 8mm, 6mm, 4mm.

can tell you that lots of new Roman-era glass is available, and while I’ve only gotten a couple of pictures so far, this one has me pretty excited:

Tucson roses

That dark red is to die for.

Hopefully more pictures once the initial stash gets hauled back to the condo for indexing.

Edit: Druzy!

Tucson druzy

January mini-sales, part 1

It’s that time of year – the lull between the holidays and the big Tucson trip. Much as we appreciate the chance to catch our breath, we are running some sales this month and will be introducing new ones through the middle of February.

Designer tag sale bags: 20% off!

Bargain bags

Hundreds of little bags of beads, pendants, and findings; stone, crystal, glass, and more. Have some fun digging through our giant basket of choices.

Vintage costume jewelry: 20% off!


The finest in faux adornment, from classy to brassy. We have lots of choices, many of them necklaces, dating from the 60s to the 80s.

Swarovski heart shaped pendants: 20% off!

Swar hearts

Put a twinkle in your sweetie’s eye! We have dozens of these to choose from, many in gorgeous and hard-to-find fancy finishes. Ask us about adding a simple bail so they can be hung from a cord or chain!

8mm turquoise rounds, regularly $60: $48/strand!

Sale turquoise

Been mulling over a special mala? Missing out on classic turquoise? These beautiful strands are out on the center table and are ready to string for spring. We have matching guru beads, and will be happy to bring them out upon request.

6mm larimar rounds, regularly $115: $92/strand!

Sale larimar

Rare and lovely material from the Dominican Republic, a bit of summer to brighten up the depths of winter, these need nothing more than new cable and a clasp to make them ready to go.

Note that the sale is limited to stock on hand, so if you’ve been craving any of these, come and get ‘em!

We’re also offering discounted pricing for a couple of classes this month: $35 (regularly $40) for the Floating Bead necklace on 1/26, and for the Sundance Style necklace on 2/9. If you’re interested, sign up now! Check out images and descriptions on our Sunday Class Schedule page.

Happy new year! January classes are up.

Many thanks to everyone for making December awesome for all of us. Things were absolutely crazy, but all our customers were in good spirits, and we had a fabulous time. We look forward to satisfying your beading needs for the upcoming year, and we’ll be heading out to Tucson in February to bring out another huge haul of new stuff!

The January class schedule is up – we have some favorites and a couple of new classes posted, so please check those out. If you’re interested in attending any of these, give us a call at the shop to place a reservation.

December updates!

The Sunday class schedule is up to date through the end of December; we have channel wrap bracelets, hammered hoop earrings and malas yet to go this month! We’re also running mini drop-in classes on Saturday afternoons; see the Sunday class descriptions for details.

We’ve just received a group of Zuni and Navajo fetishes, priced from $27-$45. These are gorgeous and varied – we have a dozen or so to choose from.

Fetish buffalo

Sapphires, rubies and emeralds! Catherine has been having a blast stringing and pricing these pretties, and we are offering 10% off a selection of these precious stones through 12/25. Create something awesome, or tap one of our talented staffers to create a custom piece.


We all survived the Firefly show in one piece, and have a huge selection of gorgeous finished jewelry in the shop for last-minute gifting. Now that the weather isn’t making us all want to curl up and never go outside again, we hope to see you.

Copper sale for November, lots of new stock!

We’re hosting a sale this month: all of our India copper, both plain and silver/gold plated, is 20% off through the end of November. These are gorgeous, flashy beads, great for spacers or for mixing with glass, stone or crystal. Come check these out – we have our stock set up on the front table.

Plate copper beads


We’ve also restocked lots of staples! New chain is in, in a wide variety of colors including the popular satin gold. A full selection of tools – including hammers, bench blocks, foam-handled pliers, and a few exotics like bailing pliers and hole punches – has arrived, and all are ready to go.


Yes, we survived the deluge!

Hey everyone! Many thanks for all your concern and good wishes. We’re doing fine at the shop. The worst we had to deal with was a rush of silt under the back door, which made for some very nasty puddles and a full day of cleanup, but we are pretty much back to normal at this point. No one suffered a flooded basement at home. All in all we’ve been very lucky, and are most grateful.

That said, what we HAVE lost is most of a week’s worth of business, so we are hosting a Clear Skies Sale! 

10% off everything in the store (excluding classes and repairs, sorry!) between 9/18 and 9/25!

Please come in, cure your stir-craziness and support your favorite local bead store.

We’ve also got October classes listed, and we’ll be hosting Heidi Kummli for a full weekend starting 10/14. She will be teaching both a pendant and a bracelet class, and will be bringing in some of her best finished stuff for a trunk show.