August classes and updates

About time we did a front-page update! Summer’s been incredibly lively and as always we thank everyone who comes in to Nomad for their time and kind appreciation.

Class schedule is up! As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 to reserve a space.

  • Saturday, August 13: Hammered Squiggle Earrings
  • Sunday, August 14: Knotted Mala
  • Saturday, August 20: Mala with Tassel
  • Sunday, August 21: Channel Wrap Bracelet
  • Saturday, August 27: Three Tier Drop Necklace
  • Sunday, August 28: Advanced Knotting with Tiny Gemstones

Passers-by may have noticed long strands of multicolored paper cranes accumulating near our class table at the back. We’re still assembling our thousand (and more) paper cranes for the September window. Paper, printed instructions, and guidance from the now-expert staff will all be available from 10-11 on Saturdays and 11-noon on Sundays. Come pick up a new skill, contribute a few cranes for International Peace Day, and take your favorite finished piece home!

And we have a couple of little sales this month:

  • 8/1 through 8/15: All pearls 10% off!
  • 8/16 through 8/31: All Designer Tag Sale bags 20% off!
  • Like Nomad on Facebook and get a coupon for 5% off a single Nomad item!
  • Like Adorned on Facebook and get a coupon for 5% off a single Adorned item!

Seeking Local Artists for Adorned, Nomad’s Companion Jewelry Store

Looking for Local Jewelry Artists to Consign work at Adorned:
Jewelry Artists:

Are you looking for an outlet for your pieces? Nomad Bead Merchants is opening a companion jewelry store, Adorned, in early April.  It will be located next to Nomad, at 1909 9th Street in Boulder, kitty-corner from the St. Julian Hotel. We are looking for high-quality locally made jewelry to consign. Each artist will have to submit a representative sample of the work they wish to put in the store (12-15 pieces), with suggested retail pricing, for consideration to a jury of the owners for review. Our goal will be to pull together an eclectic sampling of different kinds of work for our customers. Silversmiths, jewelers and beading artists of all persuasions are welcome to apply.

We will begin scheduling our reviews as of March 1, and are going to ask that you leave your pieces with us for a few days. We will seriously consider all submissions, and will try to provide useful feedback if we find we are unable to accept your work. Originality of design and quality of material and finish will be critical to a positive outcome.

Pricing may run from $15 up to $5000 per piece. Adorned will pay 50% of the sales price to each artist. Consignment fees will be calculated and paid monthly, on or around the 10th of each month. Please be assured that we have a lot of experience with consignment, and that we are scrupulous with our consignors and pay promptly.

If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration, please send an email to Mary at

Treasure trove has arrived at the shop

We’re baaaaack.

And man are we tired. Team Nomad lucked out this year with fine weather both coming and going. While we heard plenty about last week’s snowstorm, we didn’t really witness any of it – nothing left at this point but slush and some impressive grimy snow piles in parking lots.

First things first: We are hosting Voices of the Stones for a weekend trunk sale on February 20th-21st. Many of you are familiar with these ladies and their impeccable taste in stone and jewels. We will be filling up both of the large front tables with their stock. Most stuff will be priced as marked; their retail prices are close to 30% off our standard retail, so there are some amazing deals here as well as amazing materials!

The loot in Tucson was top notch this year. We have a massive haul of truly lovely things that we’re scrambling to get priced and out, including heaps of beautiful 8mm rounds in unusual materials – green garnet, Burmese jade, several varieties of moonstone, matte-finish banded agate and much more.

Materials were very diverse. I’d say that we got the best run of relatively inexpensive stuff we’ve seen in ages, which means we had some budget left for lovely, pricey things as well.

Some quick snaps from the top of the pile:

Banded agateSilk ribbonsChrysocollaBluesSodalite

Please come in and check out what we’ve brought back! We’re thrilled with what we were able to find and hope you will be as well.

February class updates and TUCSON

One week until half the staff hits the road – Tucson or bust! It’s going to be a lively time while some of us are out, so please show compassion to our staff who are holding down the fort.

Since we’re going to be short-staffed, there will be no project classes between 1/30 and 2/7, and there will be no free classes on those two Saturdays.

February classes are up! As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 in order to reserve a space!

Saturday, February 13: Roman Era Glass Necklace
Sunday, February 14: Channel Wrap Bracelet
Saturday, February 20: Stretch Bracelets
Sunday, February 21: Hammered Wire Pendant
Saturday, February 27: Hammered Wire Squiggle Earrings
Sunday, February 28: Knotted Mala

January Updates & Classes

Holidays are over, back to work for us at Nomad, and we are in for a lively year let me tell you. In summary:

  • New classes for January are up. As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 to reserve a space in a class!
  • No classes between 1/30-2/7, because:
  • Nomad’s on the road! Tucson!!!
  • We’re going to be opening a new, gifts-and-jewelry oriented store next door in part of Clutter’s old space. Lots more information on this as we work on getting things organized.
  • A new estate consignment full of gorgeous older stuff – sterling, amber, turquoise, tons more – has just come in and we’ll be putting new portions of it out for weeks to come. Our consigner is donating all the proceeds to hospice.

Also, oh my gosh, sales!

  • Monday, Jan. 4 thru Sunday Jan.10: Designer Tag Sale bags: 20% off
  • Monday, Jan. 11 thru Sunday Jan. 17: Stone Wall Sale: 15% off all stone strands including small gemstones, best value beads & wooden beads
  • Monday, Jan. 18 thru Sunday Jan. 24: Pearls and Precious Stone Strands (strands in cases near the register): 15% off