August classes, Nomad at Firefly

Classes have been updated through August! Check those out at the Sunday classes page. As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 in order to reserve a spot. Note that we have a bunch of classes scheduled on Saturdays this coming month, so check the dates!

Firefly Summer 2015 1

Nomad will have a booth at the Firefly Handmade Summer Market this weekend, July 25th & 26th, at the 29th Street Mall. Several of our most enthusiastic staff are going to be running the booth and showing off their wares alongside some of the Nomad goodies – please swing by and say hello!

The Thomason Stone trunk show is still running! We’ll have their collection of turquoise and other awesome stuff through the end of July.

July classes are up!

We managed to send out the email for the upcoming month with June in the title…sorry, guys. The Sunday class schedule has been updated with July and the first week of August.

No classes for the weekend of the 4th, and we will be CLOSED on Saturday the 4th in the name of barbecue!

Lots of new materials from the June wholesale show. Almost all of this is out now, and we have goodies ranging from strands of small wooden beads for $2.50 to top-grade freshwater pearls and some spectacular gemstones. There’s a group of tourmaline rondelles made out of old material that’s just stellar.

June classes are up!

We have several Saturday afternoon classes scheduled this month, so if you’re interested in a particular session, please check the date. As always, please call the store if you’re interested in attending a class!

Note that we screwed up the date of the hammered hoop class on the email that recently went out; the actual date is Sunday, June 28th.  The Sunday Classes page has the correct info.

Heidi Kummli is coming to town and will be doing a bead embroidery class featuring one of the awesome Laura Mears hoot owl faces. We are taking early registrations for this; date of the class is Saturday, July 18th.

May classes are up!

The weather is perfect which means we’re enjoying some slow afternoons while people go out to enjoy the day…but we still have some awesome classes coming up. Please check out the list!

As always, please call the shop if you’re interested in signing up for anything!

April classes update, specials for the month

Nomad will be closed on Easter Sunday, 4/5.

New classes are up at the Sunday class schedule page! As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 to reserve a space. We have an Ice Resin class on Saturday the 25th as well, so please check the dates!

Costume jewelry and designer tag sale bags are 20% off all month!

We still have a wide selection of stone 8mm rounds available, but some styles are going fast. If you’re planning to make a mala, please come check these out.

Select Czech glass on sale!

Nomad is no longer hiring! Thanks for your interest, folks!

First off, our Sunday Class Schedule has been updated through the end of March – check out the upcoming projects!

We are attempting to clean out some of the older Czech glass from our windows, so we are putting a group of items on sale – some bicolors, a bunch of beautiful metallics and more to come. Some of these are down to $1.50 a strand, making excellent filler, practice or kid project beads. Come check them out!

Czech sale

Voices of the Stones, 2/21-2/22!

Since we are running a trunk show this weekend and the shop space will be very crowded, the Saturday freebie class will not be running. Our apologies and please check in with us next week when we’re back to normal!

Team Nomad has only just returned from our buying trip, and we are engaged in a frenzy of tagging. There’s no rest for the wicked, though; we will be hosting Voices of the Stones this coming weekend, February 21st and 22nd. Many of you are familiar with Carole, Mary, and their exquisite taste in beads and other treasures. We’ll have two tables full of their (incredibly reasonably priced) goodies in glass, stone, pearl, and gemstone.

Voices of the Stones Trunk Show
Please join us for this event:
Saturday February 21, 10-6p.m.
Sunday February 22, 11-5p.m.
Monday February 23 if we’re lucky!

New Stock: We keep thinking that there’s no end to the sackfuls of new things we hauled back with us from Tucson, but we are beginning to dig our way out from under, and huge quantities of new beads have been priced and hung up out on the floor.
  • Gemstones from some new-to-us vendors: African opals, lots of garnets, top quality blue flash moonstone, some of the best labradorite we’ve seen in years, tiny little rondelles in a wild assortment of colors.
  • Matte finish gemstone rounds: Tiger eye, rose quartz, amethyst, fluorite, picture jasper, lapis, and more, including some white howlite that is startlingly gorgeous.
  • Turquoise, Baltic amber in rough natural shapes, and some hard-to-find shungite in strands and singles.
  • Playful mock-turquoise magnesite and dyed coral at fantastic prices and in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Stone pendulums in a dozen diverse designs.
  • Lots more stuff that we don’t have the space to describe!

And they’re off! Tucson 2015 is go!

A carload of enthusiastic Nomads are on the road to Tucson today. We will be posting updates to our Facebook page as we are able to get them written. None of us have any idea what we’re going to find this year, so please do keep an eye out!

These are the last couple days of our January sales at the shop – 20% off all beads (with a couple of already-discounted exceptions, ask if curious!) and vintage silver through Saturday the 31st.