Heidi is coming! More class updates! New stock!

Happy July everyone! Several updates:

One of our traveling friends sent us all of his Czech glass – he decided that he didn’t want to carry it all on the road any more. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks tagging four big boxes of Czech glass and getting it hung up. The windows look great and we’re really happy to have the beads with us. These are a wild mix of styles, with some highly eccentric color blends and some classics, priced as low as $3 a strand – which is a steal!

Heidi Kummli will be teaching a Crystal Clay/Bead Embroidery class on Saturday, August 2nd, from 10-2. These are two of her most awesome techniques and this is a great opportunity to learn both in one session. Sign up for this one in advance – we do require a deposit for Heidi’s classes. Details on the Sunday Class Schedule page, along with a few more classes for July: Ice Resin and the classic Sundance necklace.

We’re still sorting out the rest of the August schedule around the usual vacations, but expect to be teaching at least one earring workshop, a session of channel wrap bracelets, and a kumihimo braiding class! Stay tuned for more details.