May Classes

Classes for May are up! We’ve still got a couple of classes left for the last weekend in April as well.

As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 to sign up for classes! We charge a non-refundable $10 advance against the class price at sign-up; if you can call us at least a day before the class to cancel, we will convert this advance to a Nomad gift card.

Classes for April & May 2017

  • Saturday, 4/29: Mala with Snake Knot
  • Sunday, 4/30: Change of class! Knotted Mala
  • Saturday, 5/6: Elastic Bracelets
  • Sunday, 5/7: Waning Crescent Wire Wrap Bracelet
  • Saturday, 5/13: Hammered Wire Squiggle Earrings
  • Sunday, 5/14: Ice Resin
  • Saturday, 5/20: Pearl Knotting
  • Sunday, 5/21: Herringbone Wire Wrap Pendant & Earrings
  • Saturday, 5/27: Mala with Tassel
  • Sunday, 5/28: Knotted Mala