Sale on Rounds, More October Classes

October class list is complete:

  • Saturday, 10/14: Mala with Tassel
  • Sunday, 10/15: Knotted Mala
  • Saturday, 10/21: Tiny Chain & Bead Necklace
  • Sunday, 10/22: Waning Crescent Necklace & Earrings
  • Saturday, 10/28: Simple Earrings
  • Sunday, 10/29: Wire Cage Wrap Pendants

In November we’ll be doing Ice Resin, the classic Tree of Life pendant, and channel wrap bracelets among other things. Watch this space.

As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 to reserve a spot in a class! Details on the weekend class page!

We’re also running a sale through Sunday 10/15: 20% off all 6mm and 8mm stone rounds. If you plan on doing one of the mala classes, now is definitely the time to stock up!

October Classes at Nomad

This is a list in progress and will be added to as we pin down staff schedules over the next week! Expect to see Ice Resin and channel wrap bracelets at least once within the next month or so. Check out images and descriptions on the weekend classes page.

  • Saturday, 10/7: Elastic Bracelets
  • Sunday, 10/8: Herringbone Pendant & Earrings
  • Saturday, 10/14: Mala with Tassel
  • Sunday, 10/15: Knotted Mala

Please call the store at 303-786-9746 to reserve a space!