Voices of the Stones 2/17-2/18

They’re back!

We have returned from Tucson with a huge haul of new beads and more. Lots of the new stock is 8mm round, since the wall of stones had been pretty heavily picked over. We found lots of classics (black lava beads are back in stock in 8mm!) and some lovely new stuff – moonstone in half a dozen colors, deep green jade, several types of labradorite, blue lace agate….

Also, it’s that time of year, and our good friends at Voices of the Stones will be here for a trunk show this weekend, 2/17-2/18! We may have them in for part of Friday and Monday as well, not entirely sure yet!

Our good friends Carole and Mary have superb taste in gemstones and will be here with a truckful of loot chosen to their exacting specifications. The prices are spectacular and so is the merchandise. We’ll have two tables absolutely groaning with beautiful rocks – please swing by and check it out.

We’re working on the March class list and will have at least one mala class, if you’ve been looking to get that done, along with a couple of fancy wire bezel classes with our own Wan Norby.

Watch this space for more info and thanks, as always, for your patronage!