Free Saturday classes

Saturday Beading Basics classesFree! Every week from 10am-1pm

Nomad offers two free beading basics sessions each Saturday:

10:00-11:30: WIRE WRAP BASICS. Class covers tools discussion, wire discussion, and wrapped-loop technique, a foundation skill used in earrings, rosaries and in making wrapped links for all manner of applications.

11:30-1:00: STRINGING BASICS. Class will work with beading cable and with crimps, learning the skills necessary to finish a basic necklace or bracelet. There is usually some flex time in this session to discuss additional technique, such as stretch bracelets or design principles.

Please be prompt! The table we work at can accommodate five or six people per session, and we’re running on a first-come, first served basis. Our instructor will do her best to catch people up mid-session if necessary, but it’s far easier to learn what we have to teach when the whole group is working at roughly the same point.

If you’d like to tackle a more advanced technique beyond the basics covered in these sessions, please let us know! We also host individually-instructed lessons at $35 an hour.

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