August & September Classes

August and September classes are up on the weekend classes page!

  • Sunday, 8/20: Knotted Mala
  • Sunday, 8/27: Valley Sunset Beaded Wire Earrings
  • Saturday, 9/2: Elastic Bracelets
  • Sunday, 9/3: Wire Squiggle Earrings
  • Saturday, 9/9: Cage Wrap Pendant
  • Sunday, 9/10: Oxbow River Pendant
  • 9/16-9/17: No project classes this week!
  • Saturday, 9/23: Knotted Mala
  • Sunday, 9/24: Captured Spiral Earrings
  • Saturday, 9/30: Ice Resin
  • Sunday, 10/1: Aspen Leaf Earrings

Please call the store at 303-786-9746 to reserve a space!

Nomad staff will be running back and forth on the weekend of 9/16-9/17 to the wholesale shows in Denver, so no classes that week. Expect tons of new materials by the end of the month.

We’ll also have our semi-annual trunk show with Voices of the Stones sometime in September, but are not sure of the dates yet. We will post when we’ve figured that out.

July Classes, Thomason Trunk Show

Nomad will be closed on Tuesday, July 4. We hope you enjoy the day!

We have a select group of beads from Thomason Stone here at Nomad for July, including some stunning examples of Thomason’s signature turquoise, along with spiny oyster shell and other Southwestern classics. The quality on these is always top-notch and we’re fortunate to have a few really spectacular strands. Please come in and check these out before the shop staff buys up all the good stuff!

July classes are up! Malas are back and we’ve got three different wire classes, all of which are going to be awesome. The basketweave earrings, in particular, are a beautifully simple way to learn fundamental skills for freeform wirework.

  • Saturday, 7/1: Elastic Bracelets
  • Sunday, 7/2: Simple Necklace Technique
  • Saturday, 7/8: Channel Wrap Bracelet
  • Sunday, 7/9: Forged Spiral Link Bracelet
  • Saturday, 7/15: Mala with Tassel
  • Sunday, 7/16: Knotted Mala
  • Saturday, 7/22: Ice Resin
  • Sunday, 7/23: Interlocked Loops Basketweave Earrings
  • Saturday, 7/29: Pearl Knotting
  • Sunday, 7/30: Cage Wrapped Sea Glass Pendants

June Classes

June classes are up! We’ve got three tricky new Sunday classes, and some laid-back easy Saturday classes as well.

As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 to reserve space in a class!

  • Saturday, 6/3: Elastic Bracelets
  • Sunday, 6/4: Roman Era Glass Necklace
  • Saturday, 6/10: Basic Beaded Necklace
  • Sunday, 6/11: Crystal Fissure Peyote Stitch Ring
  • Saturday, 6/17: Classic Beaded Rosary
  • Sunday, 6/18: Wire Wrapped Bezel Pendant
  • Saturday, 6/24: Basic Beaded Earrings
  • Sunday, 6/25: Fractal Branch Earrings and Pendant

May Classes

Classes for May are up! We’ve still got a couple of classes left for the last weekend in April as well.

As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 to sign up for classes! We charge a non-refundable $10 advance against the class price at sign-up; if you can call us at least a day before the class to cancel, we will convert this advance to a Nomad gift card.

Classes for April & May 2017

  • Saturday, 4/29: Mala with Snake Knot
  • Sunday, 4/30: Change of class! Knotted Mala
  • Saturday, 5/6: Elastic Bracelets
  • Sunday, 5/7: Waning Crescent Wire Wrap Bracelet
  • Saturday, 5/13: Hammered Wire Squiggle Earrings
  • Sunday, 5/14: Ice Resin
  • Saturday, 5/20: Pearl Knotting
  • Sunday, 5/21: Herringbone Wire Wrap Pendant & Earrings
  • Saturday, 5/27: Mala with Tassel
  • Sunday, 5/28: Knotted Mala

April Classes

April classes are up!

As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 to sign up for classes! We charge a non-refundable $10 advance against the class price at sign-up; if you can call us at least a day before the class to cancel, we will convert this advance to a Nomad gift card.

Classes for April 2017:

  • Sunday, 4/2: Knotted Mala
  • Sunday, 4/9: Wire Cage Stone Wrap
  • Sunday, 4/16: Closed for Easter
  • Saturday, 4/22: Channel Wrap Bracelet
  • Sunday, 4/23: Tree of Life Wire Wrap Pendant
  • Saturday, 4/29: Mala with Snake Knot
  • Sunday, 4/30: Tiny Gemstones Knotted Necklace


March Classes

Classes for March are blocked out. No class, other than the Saturday morning free class, for the weekend of 3/4-3/5 as the staff will be out shopping at the Denver show…yes, right back to it after our big Tucson trip. It never ends!

As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 to sign up for classes!

Over the past few months, we’ve suffered from a surprisingly large number of no-shows for classes. This makes it difficult for us to fill some of the popular sessions, and there are few things more frustrating than having students fail to arrive for a full class that has a wait list. We will be charging a non-refundable $10 advance against the class price at sign-up in an effort to make sure that people who sign up will be incentivized to make it in. 

Classes and Events for March:

  • 3/4-3/5: No classes
  • Sunday, 3/12: Knotted Mala
  • Saturday, 3/18: Mala with Tassel
  • Sunday, 3/19: Wire Wrap Herringbone Pendant & Earrings
  • Sunday, 3/26: Channel Wrap Bracelet

Voices of the Stones at Nomad!

It’s that time again: Voices of the Stones will be at Nomad this weekend, February 18-20, Saturday through Monday. This is one of our favorite events of the year; Carole and Mary have exquisite taste in stones and pearls, and will be bringing along their huge collection of beads, gems, and a carefully selected group of pocket stones and crystals.

Prices on all their merch are as marked and are usually about 30% less than standard retail, so there are some swell deals here, along with lovely and unusual materials we don’t usually get to stock. We will be filling up two tables with new stuff – this is absolutely worth the time to come visit!

We are still hammering out the March classes and will mail out the list within a week. Hope to see some of you lovely people this weekend!

January Classes

are up! Please note that our schedule will be a little eccentric this month, as we’re dealing with preparations for the annual Tucson trip and miscellaneous staff commitments.

As always, please call the store at 303-786-9746 to reserve a space in a class!

  • Saturday 1/7: Ice Resin Pendants
  • Sunday 1/8: No class
  • Saturday 1/14: Mala with Tassel
  • Sunday 1/15: Knotted Mala
  • Saturday 1/21: No afternoon class
  • Sunday 1/22: Channel Wrap Bracelet
  • Saturday 1/28: No morning or afternoon classes
  • Sunday 1/29: Tree of Life Pendant