About Us

Nomad Bead Merchants came into being in July of 2008, when Catherine Phillips and Jacob March decided to join forces and work on creating the best bead store in the Denver Metro area. Previous to that, Jake and his mother Judy had been in business for fifteen years as Nomad Design, specializing in folk art, jewelry and beads from all over the world.  Judy wanted to retire and Catherine wanted a retirement business – and so it came to be. In 2011, Catherine’s daughter Margot joined the business as a co-owner. The co-owners have varied areas of expertise in the beady world: Jake specializes in the study of ancient and antique trade beads. Margot is an expert in rhinestone jewelry and collects vintage glass stones. Catherine is a pearl freak and specializes in buying and knotting pearls.

Needless to say, Nomad’s style is eclectic. We have all kinds of beads and, along with our staff, are capable of working with them in many different ways.

Our mission is to foster creativity using beads as a vehicle. We find that our customers experience great satisfaction in successfully completing a project , no matter how small.  We have seen beams of joy from 5 year-olds through 95 year-olds, boys and girls, men and women. We’ve helped people make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rosaries, malas, taspis, teething necklaces, glasses holders, anklets, birthing strands and beaded clothing.  We’ve helped outfit wedding parties, hosted birthday parties and ladies’ nights out, and sat with dads and kids to make gifts for moms. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a couple of stones with holes in them.

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