Weekend Class Schedule

Please call the store at 303-786-9746 to reserve a space in one of our upcoming classes!

Materials are provided for all of our weekend classes, unless otherwise noted (mala classes do not include beads).

Classes for January & February 2018 

  • Saturday, 1/6: Elastic Bracelets
  • Sunday, 1/7: Pearl Knotting
  • Saturday, 1/13: Mala with Tassel
  • Sunday, 1/14: Knotted Mala
  • Saturday, 1/20: Channel Wrap Bracelet
  • Sunday, 1/21: Beaded Wire Donut Bail

Weekends of 1/27-1/28 and 2/3-2/4: Tucson! No classes for these two weekends!

  • Saturday, 2/10: Ice Resin
  • Sunday, 2/11: Tree of Love
  • Saturday, 2/17: Bead Wrapped Hammered Hoop Earrings
  • Sunday, 2/18: Knotted Mala
  • Saturday, 2/24: Hammered Squiggle Earrings
  • Sunday, 2/25: Beaded Lace Hoops


Saturday, January 6, 3-4:30: Elastic Bracelets, again – $15

This is one of our favorite laid-back classes. We’re running it again this week to accommodate the lucky folks who are still on holiday break – this is a great class for little hands and well suited as an intro to beading for children.

Sunday, January 7, 2-4p.m.: Pearl Knotting, $45

This is one of the great basic techniques of beading! Learn to knot snugly and accurately between pearl or gemstone beads using Griffin beading thread and narrow tweezers. This project calls for a lot of patience, but no other technique flows like a knotted necklace.

Saturday, January 13, 3-5p.m.: Mala with Tassel, $30 not including beads

Our fanciest and trickiest finish for malas! The class fee covers instruction and materials for making your tassel, but does not include the beads as we expect that some people may want to bring in their own. Learn how to string your mala on sturdy steel cable and how to create, and attach, a gorgeous silky tassel.

Because of the complexity of the finish, note that this mala will not be strung with knots – see the knotted mala class for that style.

Sunday, January 14, 1-4p.m.: Knotted Mala, $30 not including beads

Note that this class is blocked out for three hours in order to make sure everyone can finish or nearly finish. Note also that beads are not included in the class price. We suggest that class attendees come a little early to choose beads if not bringing their own. Our example uses 6mm rounds; 8mm will work but makes a very long finished mala.

Learn to knot snugly and accurately between beads using Griffin beading thread and knotting tweezers. This project calls for a lot of patience, but no other technique flows like a knotted piece – and the knots will prevent loss of multiple beads should the thread give way under wear. Our mala will be very simply finished, using a single bead to pass through and small knots or a medallion.

Saturday, January 20, 2:30-5p.m.: Channel Wrap Bracelets, $45

The wrap bracelet has become a modern classic. The basic technique can be adapted for length anywhere between two wraps and five (more if the creator is feeling really ambitious), and nearly any bead that can accommodate two thicknesses of thread will work well. Our beginners’ version is a two-wrap made with rolled leather and 6mm Czech glass beads.

We have more than twenty colors of leather to choose from, including matte finishes and metallics, and an eccentric collection of beads and buttons to boot.

Sunday, January 21, 1-4p.m.: Beaded Wire Donut Bail, $45

New class! Try out intermediate wire work with these compact basketweave bails fitted to semiprecious stone donuts. This project is a great lesson in some more advanced techniques on a smaller scale. Construct a bail out of heavy-gauge wire and embellish with cross-weave and beads.

Saturday, February 10, 3-5-p.m.: Ice Resin, $45

More Ice Resin…but in February. Same huge collection of images, same poured resin, same glassy, gorgeous pendants!

Sunday, February 11, 1-4p.m.: Tree of Love, $45

Try out this seasonal variation on the classic Tree of Life pendant! This is one of the classics and is an excellent introduction to freeform wirework. Form and hammer frames, then anchor dozens of fine, bundled wires to create unique jeweled trees.

Saturday, February 17, 3-5p.m.: Bead Wrapped Hammered Hoop Earrings, $45

Learn how to make hammered wire forms and bind on tiny gemstone or glass beads for these fantastic earrings. This is a great intermediate-difficulty project for those looking to expand their basic wire skills, and one of our favorite ways to use little rondelles.

Sunday, February 18, 1-4p.m.: Knotted Mala, $45

More malas! Learn to knot the classic 108-bead mala with a simple pendant.

Saturday, February 24, 3-5p.m.: Wire Squiggle Earrings, $35

Make one or two long, glorious, swingy pairs of earrings with briolette wrapped dangles. Class will choose from brass, copper or nickel silver wire; we’ll shape elegant squiggles and hammer them out, then texture before adding drops.

Sunday, February 25, 1-4p.m.: Beaded Wire Lace Hoops, $45
New class! Construct custom frames and weave delicate, lacy wirework along their edges with tiny beads and drops in this intricate design.

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