Kyanite 8mm Beads
Kyanite 8mm Beads
Kyanite 8mm Beads
Kyanite 8mm Beads
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Kyanite 8mm Beads

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Shimmering kyanite occurs in long, bladed crystals in shades of blue to pale green to silver. A throat chakra stone, kyanite is considered useful for clear communication, diplomacy and discussion, and improvisation - an ideal 'seminar stone' for public speakers.

Truth is, we mostly love kyanite because it's beautiful. Shades of vivid blue from navy to sky glitter along these strands, splashed with silver, gunmetal and a trace of bronze. Each bead bears a tiger eye-like chatoyance and is banded with color.

The natural material is somewhat flaky, so as with turquoise and some other soft stones, these beads are stabilized. The raw stone takes a bath in resin before it's cut, ensuring that the beads won't crack in half or splinter with wear. 

Please note that this is a fairly heavy stone - heavier than your typical quartz or jasper. 

Each strand is sold separately and measures approximately 15 inches long. The beads are about 8.5mm in diameter, with roughly 48 beads per strand and 24 per half strand.

These are available by both the full strand and the half strand. 

  • Making a bracelet? Purchase a half strand.
  • A necklace? For a 16" finished length, a single full strand will do. If you want to go longer, consider one full and one half strand.
  • Mala? You will need two full strands and one half strand, and will have a few beads left over. 

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