State of the Shop: We live in interesting times.

How is everyone holding up out there? Like the rest of the country, Team Nomad has been dealing with insane grocery lines, shortages on paper products (what the heck, people! How much TP can one household use!) and a certain amount of low-grade general anxiety. 

We are figuring out next steps. For the immediate future:

- Nomad will remain open during regular hours for now. We are wiping down surfaces in the shop at every opportunity and everyone here has chapped hands from so much washing...probably a universal issue at this point.

However, it may be only a matter of time until we're not allowed to open for customers. In that case, we will ship, deliver or arrange pickup for anything you require to keep the stir-crazies at bay.

- Catherine's assembled some killer mala kits and we are working on several variations of kid-friendly kits as well!

- Should you be in need of staples like thread, beads or findings, please give us a call and we can pre-pull your order. Listings in the online shop will be expanded as we have the time to get photos and descriptions up. Much of the thread and tools are posted already.

- Classes for March are all cancelled. We are working our way down the class lists to let people know and issue refunds. Classes will be rescheduled as soon as possible, and we will contact people to give them a chance to sign up again. 

- In the meantime, we're looking into doing stream or video demos. Maybe this means I'll finally get the Margot Method for wrapped wire loops online? If there's anything you would like to see, please let me know!

- We've told all of our older part-timers to stay home for now. (No, we have not managed to persuade Catherine to stay home yet, but we are working on it.) This means that Adorned will be short-staffed for the time being, and while we will be open on that side of the shop, the front door will remain locked. Please come in through the Nomad side and one of the Nomad staff will happily help you out.

I truly wish we were cruising into springtime with less drama. Please, everyone stay well and safe out there. Thank you all for your patronage and we hope to see you again soon. Wash your hands! Don't touch your face!  

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