From beginner to advanced we have the jewelry making classes you're looking for!

If you're wanting to learn how to make wonderful, wearable handmade jewelry for yourself or others, you've come to the right place. If you know how to make jewelry, but would like to upscale your skills, we can challenge your design repertoire. We offer several different beading and wire wrapping techniques to help you achieve that perfect necklace, bracelet, earrings and more.


Here are a few of our favorites:

Knotted Mala Workshop

This is an afternoon session starting at 12pm. Beads are not included in the class price - please see below!

108-bead malas are rooted in Buddhist tradition and are used for meditation, counting mantras and simply as adornment. These long, knotted necklaces have become popular as a fashion statement and are a great way to pick up this intermediate beading skill.

Students will learn to knot snugly and accurately between beads using Griffin beading thread and knotting tweezers. This project calls for a lot of patience, but no other technique flows like a knotted piece - and the knots will prevent loss of multiple beads should the thread give way under wear.

Nomad's malas are simply finished, using a single center bead and a tassel or charm. Choose from among our vast selection of centerpieces!

Beads are not included in the class price! Students will need to bring their own or purchase beads at Nomad. We suggest that class attendees come in on a prior day to choose beads if not bringing their own. Both 8mm and 6mm beads work well for this project.

Woven Tile Bracelet

Welcome to one of our most challenging classes! Work with monofilament thread, a beading needle and the popular Miyuki half tila bead for this modern classic, a slinky, close-fitting bracelet which flexes comfortably on the wrist. Options for closures, width and a wide variety of tila and seed beads will be available, so a student may customize their bracelet to taste.

This style has rapidly become a popular standard at Nomad! Tilas and the 15/0 seed beads used in this project are available in a broad selection of colors and finishes, offering endless possibilities for design variations. Class fee includes a follow-up session with Wan to get the last bits of the bracelet completed


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