The Long Road From Tucson

Margot here! Team Nomad is back from the Tucson gem and mineral show!

The journey back from Tucson this year was downright surreal – Catherine and I decided to punch through in a straight shot, Tucson to Deming to Hatch to Truth or Consequences to Albuquerque to Santa Fe to Raton to Trinidad to Pueblo to Denver, about fifteen hours in all. 

Man, it was a trip. Bad romance novels on Audible, loads of snacks because let's face it you need serious carbs for a trip of that length, and the car whining a little under the sheer weight of our haul. We bought a three-foot-tall plaster Virgin of Guadelupe at one of the grocery stores in Tucson and strapped her in behind the driver's seat, so Our Lady overlooked us the whole way back. 

 And we lucked out! The whole point of coming back in a single day was to dodge an incoming storm, which we did. Roads were clear all the way through and it happened to be a full moon, so there was plenty of ambient light. Out in the empty stretches of northern New Mexico, it was just us, the sky, and the endless silver ribbon of the highway.

New experience: There's so much nothing out there that as twilight deepened we could see both Venus and Mercury to the west. You can never make Mercury out with city lighting around - it was fascinating!

We made it back in one piece, went straight to bed, then spent the next couple of days staggering around half-conscious and offloading all the stuff we brought back at Nomad. We’ve got so much amazing stuff, folks. So much. The front table’s loaded down to groaning with new beads of all types. We made an effort to pick up a wider selection of 6mm and especially 4mm beads this year, and are building a nice little collection of cabochons for wire wrapping.

So what’s shaking at the shop?

Voices of the Stones trunk show! Our friends Carole and Mary will be coming on Sunday, 3/1, to display their amazing wares. We have the pleasure of hosting these ladies twice a year, and they always bring us something we missed at Tucson. Expect top-notch opals, turquoise, sapphires and much more.

March classes! Huge thanks to everyone for making February a success on the class front – we sold out every session! With the big Tucson trip out of the way, we’re back to a full schedule with Saturday classes.

Here’s the lineup:

  • Saturday 3/7: No class, we're doing some mop-up shopping at the Denver bead show!
  • Sunday 3/8: Tree of Life pendant, $45
  • Saturday 3/14: Knotted Mala, $35
  • Sunday 3/15: Copper & Sterling Hoop Earrings, $95
  • Saturday, 3/21: Elastic Bracelets, $15
  • Sunday, 3/22: Crystal Beaded Ring, $45
  • Saturday, 3/28: Fancy Funky Wrap Bracelet, $50
  • Sunday, 3/29: Knotted Mala, $35

Please give us a call or keep an eye on Meetup for these classes!

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